The similarities of LIV Golf and Cannabis

New ideas tend to come with massive push back, proponents, and opponents. In my almost 40 years of life I have come to the conclusion people do not like change and change is inevitable. To change means to become uncomfortable. People like comfort. A prime example, relationships. When courting an individual, we humans don’t like […]

Coronavirus : Researchers discover CBD as a weapon in the fight against Covid-19

During these past couple of months the world has become much different and most likely will forever be altered. I’m not one to watch tv, do politics, or even vote, but the talk of coronavirus is evvverrrryyywwwhhere. So sometimes I’m forced to listen. For example, one of my favorite podcasts, Joe Rogan Experience, had brought […]

The New Norm : Coronavirus, Face-masks and CBD Skin Care

Coronavirus has this year off to a start none of us could have predicted. We were all ready to commit to new goals (like better Skin Care), move on from some mistakes, and were all excited to bring in 2020. In comes the #coronavirus and the need to wear face-masks. Medical professionals have been utilizing […]

‘Is using CBD a Socially Acceptable Lifestyle or morally bankrupt?’

Why not CBD?

To be fair, I have smoked and drank my life’s worth of cigarettes and booze already. Most of which while I was in the Marine Corps where it was socially acceptable and also there after, struggling with the infidelity of my ex-wife. Many times we choose some unsavory lifestyle choices to deal and cope with […]

Early 2020 Merken22 Product Announcement

Dec 19th, 2019 We today announce our Introduction 2020 product line up. We can’t wait to hear from you about your experience with the product that is right for you. We offer a CBD Soothing Balm from Willie Nelson, to help with pain and other symptoms above and beneath the skin. Soothe and relax with […]