Coronavirus : Researchers discover CBD as a weapon in the fight against Covid-19

During these past couple of months the world has become much different and most likely will forever be altered. I’m not one to watch tv, do politics, or even vote, but the talk of coronavirus is evvverrrryyywwwhhere. So sometimes I’m forced to listen.

For example, one of my favorite podcasts, Joe Rogan Experience, had brought some type of DR. on and were discussing ways to not catch the virus. What they happened to talk about was the blood type O+ (which I am) seeing a much lower infection rate and the lack of presence of Vitamin D in the people who have been infected. Vitamin D as most of us know can come from being outside and that I also am haha.

In a recent article (5/21/2020) from the New York Post by Mr. Lee Brown, he states Canadian Scientists believe they have found strong strains of cannabis could help, prevent, or treat symptoms related to the coronavirus. In these strains of cannabis, CBD content was high and seemed to affect the ACE2 pathways that the virus attempts to penetrate to enter your body and begin propagating.

These scientists believe you can choke down your body’s access points up to 70% giving the virus that much less of a chance to enter. Now that is a very significant reduction that just adds to the ever growing list of symptoms or restrictions CBD users take to reduce.

In the article, the scientists’ mention that ALL strains that seem to have an effect were high in CBD and low in THC. This suggests that people who smoke cannabis for the psychological effects might want to consider using CBD (which we sell here) to possibly help against the virus we are all trying to fight.

We entered the CBD business knowing it’s benefits and believing in what it can do. Owning a store front and listening to the success people were having has increased my drive to help people stay away from synthetic drugs. I’ve created Merken22 to get this Natural Remedy to your doorstep and help the ones that have the symptoms. We even have dog treats!

We appreciate you checking out our articles and hope you can stay safe during these crazy times. Click here for the original New York Post article.