‘Is using CBD a Socially Acceptable Lifestyle or morally bankrupt?’

Why not CBD?
Tobacco and alcohol combine to elevate cancer risk | CTCA
“Wow, look at this winner, and you’re shaming people for using CBD and Cannabis products?……”

To be fair, I have smoked and drank my life’s worth of cigarettes and booze already. Most of which while I was in the Marine Corps where it was socially acceptable and also there after, struggling with the infidelity of my ex-wife. Many times we choose some unsavory lifestyle choices to deal and cope with the trauma’s of our life. No matter what we do we will always have both good and evil angels on our shoulders.

It’s our job to feed the good one in an attempt to live a positive lifestyle. The dual nature of humans being self-aware and conscious (with knowledge of good and evil) often leads us to be self defeating, self destructive, and hypocritical. The bad angel on our shoulder is always calling for more alcohol, more lies, and more sin.

Do not pay heed to those who are trapped by the songs of their left shoulder. Do not listen to those who cast doubt on CBD or cannabis because they have no clue whatsoever, or are without knowledge, and are not only likely in need of spiritual help, but also physical help to remove the hooks of some of the worst, but legal substances out there. Click here to see what I mean.

Many normal people, from employees to employers, from young to old, and from active to inactive can all benefit from the power of cannabis and CBD. CBD is legal, and nothing should make you be shy about it.

If a scoffer should come your way, just ask them about over dose, drunk driving, lung cancer, liver failure, obesity, and all other awful symptoms of ‘Socially Acceptable Drugs’. Luckily, Merken22 has jumped all the hurdles to sell CBD on-line and deliver to your door. Oh by the way, caffeine is a deadly poison in high enough quantities. Show them that there is only a positive upside and to start replacing the bad with the good.

Since replacing alcohol and cigarettes with cannabis I have lost close to 40 pounds and have made incredible strides in all other areas of my life. I owe my current state of happiness to God.

Also don’t forget, God made cannabis, not Pfizer, not Phillip Morris, or Captain Morgan

P.S. Do your dogs smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol? No? But they do eat treats! Check out Merken22 Dog Treats to help with anxiety and pain management.