The New Norm : Coronavirus, Face-masks and CBD Skin Care

Coronavirus has this year off to a start none of us could have predicted. We were all ready to commit to new goals (like better Skin Care), move on from some mistakes, and were all excited to bring in 2020. In comes the #coronavirus and the need to wear face-masks.

Medical professionals have been utilizing a face mask with the model number of N-95. This mask is characterized by its tight facial fit, which seals around the nose and mouth. With attributes assisting in coronavirus filtration, they also contribute to a frictional force with a small pressure load causing skin irritation of most users. The load is equivalent to 3lbs per square inch. Which over time, is very significant. Heres the damage below…

A Milan Nurse showing the signs of wearing masks for hours…..

A study published in February in the Journal of Wound Care stated that N-95 masks may trap heat, which in turn will create greater humidity increasing skin fragility and irritation, increasing inflammation.

With the natural anti-inflammation properties, balanced nutrients and substances, CBD is perfect for fighting inflammation and providing moisturizing healing benefits. There are numerous studies that have been conducted on CBD pertaining to anti-inflammation and anti-anxiety benefits CBD provides. Checkout the Merken22 CBD FaceMask here.

With cannabis becoming more main stream CBD infusions are becoming increasingly popular. Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in the Department of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York says, “CBD is a great option of all skin types.” This is because of CBD not affecting your Sebaceous Gland (which lubricates hair follicular) , but instead interacts with your skin glands to regulate your skins production of oil. As a result of working with your skin, CBD doesn’t just help skin prevent overproduction of oil, but also helps dry skin increase its production of oil.

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